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Cheetah Walk/Painting

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

Meet our cheetahs!

Grab your walking shoes and join our keepers as they take one of our ambassador cheetahs for a walk around Panther Ridge. Choose your favorite paint colors and watch as one of our cheetahs creates a masterpiece you can take home with you! After the artist has finished painting, take a walk around the facility with our ambassador cheetahs. Hear stories of their individual personalities and the conservation efforts of this very endangered species. Guests are prohibited from touching the cheetahs during the walk and must remain at a predetermined safe distance away from the cat at all times. Since we allow our animals the choice to participate in these encounters, the encounters with our animals is never guaranteed. Our keepers and animals have the right to end an encounter at any point if we feel the health, safety, or well-being of our animals or guests are at risk.

Things to Know

  • We recommend that you bring plenty of water as well as hats/sunscreen. There is not much shade on the property.
  • All paths are outdoor walking paths. Guests will be required to walk over some slightly uneven terrain. Nothing about the walk is strenuous.
  • All visitors are required to stay at a pre-determined safe distance. At no time will guests interact with any of the cats physically.
  • We have a golf cart option available for any guests who are physically impaired and cannot walk the full tour.