Panther Ridge combines feline husbandry with conservation awareness to educate the public on wild felines.

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Panther Ridge has many residents along a wide spectrum of species. Learn more about our feline residents.

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There’s always something going on. Keep up to date on Panther Ridge news and what your favorite felines are up to.

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We especially need financial donations as we work to on our new location and larger living areas for the cats.


We'd love to have you here for a tour ... reopening in Loxahatchee in early 2019.

A Safe Home for Endangered Big Cats at Panther Ridge

Part habitat, part haven, part labor of feline love, the Panther Ridge Conservation Center is above all else a home for some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered big cats. We are located in Loxahatchee, Florida, near Palm Beach. Panther Ridge is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution that provides a lifelong home and superior care for exotic felines that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Panther Ridge also provides hope — in the form of public education concerning the challenges these animals face in the wild, the problems related to private ownership of exotic big cats, as well as about programs around the world that try to help re-establish their populations.

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We collaborate with, and help raise money for, other organizations around the world that run cooperative captive breeding programs, conservation projects, and reintroduction programs. These are the foundations upon which the re-population of endangered feline species will be based. 


Panther Ridge Conservation Center Nonprofit Overview and Reviews on GreatNonprofits

Come see our clouded leopards jump around and play during our Twilight Tour! Walk around our brand new facility at your leisure!

March 29th
Call 561-795-8914 for tickets!
Toltec the Ocelot is finding it hard to wake up and he’s not the only one! But he said he’d wake up if someone came to see him, so schedule a tour today! Or join us March 29th for a ...
Did you know, caracals, which are native to Africa, are nicknamed the “desert lynx”? Despite their nickname, they are not a lynx, or even related to the lynx. Scientists actually believe they are most closely related to servals and golden ...
Meeka wants everyone to know about our Twilight Tours! If you have come by our facility already or are thinking about coming to visit, twilight hours are the best time to see the cats most active. Meeka tends to keep ...
Lura is just lounging up high on this cool Monday morning. Clouded Leopards have modified ankle bones that give them the ability to rotate them unlike ourselves which helps them with climbing! There have even been some individuals that have ...
Did you know: A servals extra long neck and legs give them the nickname “giraffe cat”? They have the longest legs (based on their body size) of any cat species!

Duma here is one of our friendly ambassador cats! If ...
Take tour of our big cat sanctuary and rescued cats - Panther Ridge Come check us out! We are now open and doing tours daily!

Tour our big cat sanctuary and see jaguars, ocelots, clouded leopards, and more. Panther Ridge rescues big cats and provides a forever home for them.
We are thrilled to announce that this gorgeous girl has found herself a forever home at Panther Ridge ❤

Onyx is a black jaguar who came to us from a facility on the west coast. She is genetically unrelated to ...
Leopards have great singing voices! They are the smallest of the "roaring" cats but their roars are highly individual and are used to identify other leopards from a distance. Amos calls out a good morning to his caretakers almost every ...
New and exciting things are happening at Panther Ridge! We now offer once in a lifetime opportunities to get up close and personal with several of our ambassador cats in our keeper led interactive encounters. If you’re interested in meeting ...
We spoke to @WPTV about the endangered Florida panther. 🎥 https://t.co/GcUonNuO0Y https://t.co/JxpghrDkJv
When you realize its only Wednesday https://t.co/AoDAkR7zlw
Half sisters Malee and Lura kove to cuddle together. #cloudedleopard https://t.co/pOTvSmGzUM
As we continue the process of moving, we invite donations for our big cat enclosure building expenses. Any amount helps. 👍🏻 Thank you for your support. 🐆 #conservation #gofundme https://t.co/CFz0CTRePI

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