Panther Ridge combines feline husbandry with conservation awareness to educate the public on wild felines.

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Panther Ridge has many residents along a wide spectrum of species. Learn more about our feline residents.

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There’s always something going on. Keep up to date on Panther Ridge news and what your favorite felines are up to.

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A Safe Home for Endangered Big Cats at Panther Ridge

Part habitat, part haven, part labor of feline love, the Panther Ridge Conservation Center is above all else a home for some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered big cats. We are nestled among the horse farms and estates of Wellington, Florida, near Palm Beach. Panther Ridge is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution that provides a lifelong home and superior care for exotic felines that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Panther Ridge also provides hope — in the form of public education concerning the challenges these animals face in the wild,

the problems related to private ownership of exotic big cats, as well as about programs around the world that try to help re-establish their populations. We collaborate with, and help raise money for, other organizations around the world that run cooperative captive breeding programs, conservation projects, and reintroduction programs. These are the foundation upon which the re-population of endangered feline species will be based.

Caracals are often recognized for the tufts of fur on their ears called tassels but they are also known for how high they can jump. They can jump over 14 ft, and can even leap up and knock a bird ...
Have you read our feature in the ⁦@pbpost⁩ yet? 🐆📰 https://t.co/GaFTM6tZ6n
Look at how gorgeous Delilah’s coat is! It’s often said that it looks like an ocelot walked through a painters paintbrush because they have stripes, spots, AND rosettes. (They also have some of the softest fur of any of our ...
Some sweetness to start your Saturday!

Duma and Phoebe are our Serval/Caracal pair who have formed a very special bond over the past decade. Although they would never be found living in the wild together, these two couldn't be more ...
Nuri waking up from a cat nap this morning 😻

Clouded leopards are truly a magnificent species. Their population is mainly associated with primary tropical forest which is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Say NO to products with palm ...
Photos from Panther Ridge Conservation Center's post One of our volunteers recently got a tattoo of Mateo on him! We think it looks awesome!
Panther Ridge Conservation Center added 3 new photos.
Photos from Panther Ridge Conservation Center's post Pictured below are our cubs Malee (3 months) & Lura (6 months) that were born from our trio here at Panther Ridge. The cubs get taken on daily enrichment walks which allows them to take in their surroundings and new ...
Mateo is one of our resident Jaguars enjoying his pool on a hot day in Florida! Jaguars are stocky and full of muscle making them the most powerful animal in the Western Hemisphere. Some have been recorded to reach 300 ...
Did you know that a caracals scientific name is Caracal caracal? Whenever a scientific name is the same word for both the genus and the species, it’s called a tautonym. Some other well know tautonyms are Bison bison bison (Plains ...
Happy Birthday Bella! She is 9 years old today and received a number of enrichment items including a cardboard tower covered in peppermint essential oil, which is one of Bella's favorites. As you can tell she absolutely loved her time ...
Photos from Panther Ridge Conservation Center's post Wow! Take a look at those teeth! Clouded Leopards like Mingtoo here are a modern day sabre-tooth, boasting the largest canines to body size of ANY cat! They can also open their jaws over 107 degrees wide, which is impressive, ...
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