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Note to News Media Members

As you can see from the links on this page, Panther Ridge is not here for commercial exploitation of rare and endangered cats but a life-saving educational space. Our mission is charitable, as opposed to animal-based amusement areas that exist more for the tourists than the cats. In fact, we have rescued cats from poor treatment from such areas and they thrive in our environment after necessary TLC.

News Media Coverage Offers:

  • A way to reach potential visitors among your audience who will come and share an appreciation for our cats and our dedication, and broaden their stay in Palm Beach County, Florida with an enriching family experience.
  • PerhapsĀ be moved to donate to help sustain us. We are a low-overhead 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission that literally eats revenue; we insist on the highest quality food products and best veterinary care available for our family of large cats. We have very hungry mouths to feed and impressive mouths to see.

Contact Us

Media inquiries, visiting arrangements for media professionals, social or local media, and other promotional inquiries may be directed to:


Sadie Ryan – Head Keeper



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