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Mateo is a jaguar who was born on June 6th, 2016, at a zoo in Phoenix, Arizona. He made the voyage to Panther Ridge Conservation Center when he was 4 months old and will be a part of our family forever. Even as a small cub, he was built like a tank. He had a wide stance, a full body and short, muscular legs – the perfect miniature of a powerful adult jaguar.

As an adult, he will have the strongest bite in the cat family, pound for pound, and the best swimming ability of any cat. He was raised with our cougar cub, Meeka, until they both hit sexual maturity. Mateo has now been introduced to our other Jaguar, Onyx, and they get along very well.


Onyx is an endangered Black Jaguar who was born in June 2017 at a zoo with her mother and siblings. As she grew up and matured, her siblings started to pick on her and she needed a new home. After hearing about Panther Ridge and our handsome male Jaguar, Mateo, she made her journey to us and found her forever home.

Onyx delights our guests with her playful behavior while she drags and throws her toys around her enclosure and takes a dip in her pool on a hot summer day. We have introduced her to our other Jaguar, Mateo, who she just adores!