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Fishing Cats


Minnow is a rare Fishing Cat that came to Panther Ridge as a cub. As a nocturnal species, he prefers to nap in his hammock all day and wait until the sun goes down to start playing. That is, unless a volunteer brings him some fish to catch in his pool – his favorite activity!


Finley is a female Fishing Cat that came to live at Panther Ridge in 2021 to be Minnow’s unrelated companion. She loves to nap in cardboard boxes and shred her coconut enrichment. You can find her and Minnow playing in their pool and diving after tour treats.


Angel came to Panther Ridge in August of 2020 to be a companion for our male Fishing Cat, Minnow. It was love at first sight for these two and they are very happy living together. Angel has a very outgoing and playful personality. She loves fishing out treats and toys from their pool.