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Adopt Mateo

Adopt Mateo the Jaguar

Mateo is a young jaguar cub who was born on June 7, 2016, at a zoo in Phoenix, Arizona. He made the voyage to Panther Ridge Conservation Center in September and will be a part of our family forever. Even as a small cub, he is built like a tank. He has a wide stance, a full body and short, muscular legs – the perfect miniature of a powerful adult jaguar.

NOTE: This is a virtual adoption. No animals are being exchanged in any way. Virtual adoption is your way to show you care about the well-being and continued care of our cats.

The Adoption Kit Includes:

  • An 8 by 10 color photograph of your adopted animal
  • An adoption certificate with your name and the name of your adopted animal.
  • A biography of your adopted animal, including species information.
  • A letter from Judy Berens, founder of Panther Ridge Conservation Center.
  • A Panther Ridge magnetic bookmark.
  • A Panther Ridge vinyl decal. (Vinyl decal is in white, and design varies)
  • A Panther Ridge “Cougar Eyes” postcard.

    Adoption Fee: $50

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Name for Adoption Certificate