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Adopt Mischa

Adopt Mischa the Amur Leopard

Mischa, our female melanistic Amur leopard, arrived at Panther Ridge in May of 2021. She came to us all the way from Kansas, after being born as part of a litter of three. Mischa is a special cat, as she has a beautiful, black, melanistic coat. In leopards, melanism is a recessive trait, meaning that it is more rare compared to the traditional orange coat with black rosettes that one would expect to see on a leopard.

NOTE: This is a virtual adoption. No animals are being exchanged in any way. Virtual adoption is your way to show you care about the well-being and continued care of our cats.

The Adoption Kit Includes:

  • An 8 by 10 color photograph of your adopted animal
  • An adoption certificate with your name and the name of your adopted animal.
  • A biography of your adopted animal, including species information.
  • A letter from Judy Berens, founder of Panther Ridge Conservation Center.
  • A Panther Ridge magnetic bookmark.
  • A Panther Ridge vinyl decal. (Vinyl decal is in white, and design varies)
  • A Panther Ridge “Cougar Eyes” postcard.

    Adoption Fee: $50

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Name for Adoption Certificate