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Adopt Kendi

Adopt Kendi the Cheetah

Nyambe and Kendi came to Panther Ridge when they were 3 months old to be raised as ambassadors for their species. As the most endangered big cat in Africa, these cheetahs have a very important role to play in educating the public and bringing awareness to the plight of the world’s fastest land mammal.

As educational ambassador animals, Nyambe and Kendi will participate in on-site educational programs, twilight tours, cheetah walks, fundraisers and much more!

NOTE: This is a virtual adoption. No animals are being exchanged in any way. Virtual adoption is your way to show you care about the well-being and continued care of our cats.

The Adoption Kit Includes:

  • An 8 by 10 color photograph of your adopted animal
  • An adoption certificate with your name and the name of your adopted animal.
  • A biography of your adopted animal, including species information.
  • A letter from Judy Berens, founder of Panther Ridge Conservation Center.
  • A Panther Ridge magnetic bookmark.
  • A Panther Ridge vinyl decal. (Vinyl decal is in white, and design varies)
  • A Panther Ridge “Cougar Eyes” postcard.

    Adoption Fee: $50

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Name for Adoption Certificate