Honor / Memorial Donations

Memorialize or honor someone you cherish or admire with a donation in their name to Panther Ridge Conservation Center … and help provide pioneering care at no cost to families.

Honor: Celebrate & Share Their Values

For many people, recognition of their values means a lot more than material gifts. A donation to Panther Ridge in their honor recognizes that you think highly of them and their values, upholding:

  • Their own support of our work at Panther Ridge;
  • Their love of animals;
  • Their concern for endangered species in general.

Your honoree will receive notification of your thoughtful gift.

Memorialize: A Truly Enduring, Living Memory

A tribute to a departed friend or loved one show lasting esteem from family and friends, a way to memorialize who they were and their affection for wildlife preservation. Their memory will live through all the beautiful creatures their memory helps preserve. Invite others to join you — share the idea with all those who revere them, by including our contact information in an obituary and at memorial events.

Click below either to:

Use the Online Dedicated Donation Form
Print & mail in a Dedicated Donation Form

Either way, your caring support will make a difference that our cats can’t express in words. But we can, and send you our sincere thanks for thinking of us.

All donations to Panther Ridge Conservation Center are tax-exempt to the extent allowed by law. Panther Ridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.