Serval and Caracal Meet and Greet

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Person (Ages 13+)

Meet Duma & Phoebe for an Unforgettable Experience!

The Serval & Caracal Meet and Greet is a unique experience. During this encounter, you learn all about what makes servals and caracals so special. Panther Ridge Conservation Center works hard to keep these breeds, which are native to Africa, comfortable and content in their custom-built habitats.

Meet our serval Duma and caracal Phoebe and learn all about these cats’ personal backstories. Duma was rescued as a cub. Since coming to Panther Ridge, he has become an affectionate and personable friend to other cats and humans alike!

Phoebe is one of a kind. The last kitten to be adopted from her litter, she is extremely agile and athletic. In fact, her multi-level, vertical habitat is specifically designed to accommodate her tremendous jumping and leaping ability.

In the wild, servals and caracals would not usually commingle due to competition for food and territory. Fortunately, Panther Ridge ensures that these breeds get along with each other in their custom-built habitats. You can see this for yourself when you observe Duma and Phoebe cuddling together.

Although they love each other’s company, they can’t wait to spend time getting to know you too! Come meet them both. Book now to make some new furry friends!

Please note: Due to the interactive nature of this activity, all participants must be 13 and up.