Clouded Leopard Encounter

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Person (Ages 16+)

Meet Clouded Leopards for an Unforgettable Experience!

Panther Ridge’s Clouded Leopard Encounter Tour exposes you to these majestic animals in a unique way. On this 20-minute interactive experience, you get the chance to hang out with either of our two female clouded leopards, Lura or Malee. These friendly felines cannot wait to meet you.

Natural-born climbers, hunters, and swimmers, our clouded leopards thrive in our custom-built habitats at Panther Ridge Conservation Center. Native to a humid Southeast Asian climate, these leopards have enjoyed their time right here in South Florida. 

Did you know that clouded leopards can climb trees and hang upside down just like monkeys? Did you know that clouded leopards can open their mouths wider than any other cat? Learn all about what makes the clouded leopard so special in this unique encounter!

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Please note: Due to the interactive nature of this activity, all participants must be 16 and up.