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Carpathian lynx Meet and Greet

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+

Meet our adorable Carpathian lynx kitten- Zsa Zsa!

She loves to play and interact with new friends. During this meet and greet, you will learn about the preservation and conservation of this unique species all while getting a close experience with her. This exclusive meet and greet is limited to just FOUR people per encounter.

If you have fewer than four in your party, you may be joined by other registrants, not to exceed four persons total. Since we allow our animals the choice to participate in these encounters, the encounter with our animals is never guaranteed. Our keepers and animals have the right to end an encounter at any point if we feel the health, safety, or well-being of our animals or guests are at risk.

Please Note: Make sure to wear close-toed shoes for the meet and greet.