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Palm Beach Big Cat Wildlife Attraction


Panther Ridge Conservation Center is a unique South Florida attraction offering private and group tours of over a dozen endangered big cats. Many of the cats found at Panther Ridge have been rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Nestled in the center of Palm Beach County this attraction is unlike any zoo. It’s a much more intimate experience where you will not only learn about each species of cat but also learn the personal history of each of these magnificent predators.

Your personal tour guide is there to answer any questions you have all while you stand within a few feet of Cheetahs, Ocelots, Clouded Leopards, Servals, Jaguars and many more. Very few wildlife attractions offer such a close encounter, to such a wide variety of animals. So if you’re in the West Palm Beach area and looking for an attraction that won’t break the bank, help threatened and endangered animals, and provides a little bit of education mixed with fun, call and book a tour today!

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