Macho Man arrived at Panther Ridge back in 2004 from California. His original breeder had gotten into trouble for selling endangered species across state lines. 

All of the cats were seized and sent to other faciliteis. Macho Man was relocated to Panther Ridge with another ocelot, Delilah.

He and Delilah have become best friends, and since they cannot breed with each other, they can share the same play area with the tree. 

Like all cats with beautiful coats, Macho Man and Delilah are considered to be endangered. Because of varying background colors and spot patterns, it can take as many as 200 pelts to make an ocelot coat. Unfortunately, this is still done in many countries. 

Macho Man can usually be found up in the crook of a very large tree, blissfully sleeping the day away. Aptly named, he walks with a swagger and is truly a beautiful specimen.

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