Lexi is a 13 year old serval who has been at Panther Ridge for several years. His owners are reorganizing their lives so they will be able to take him back home. We hope that will be soon, as Lexi loves it when they visit.

Lexi has a very different personality than Duma, our other serval. He is a lot more temperamental and hisses when one gets too close to him. He will also slap at you – bother behaviors that are typical of many servals. We think that he has not yet gotten over the loss of his owners, and is waiting for them to come back so he can go home. It’s difficult for an older cat like himself to adjust to sudden changes. though all of his physical needs are meter here, he as not yet accepted us as his new family quite yet. 

Lexi has some peculiar food preferences : he loves cucumbers and watermelon! Every day we peel a cucumber, cut it in chunks, and put it on top of his regular food.

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