Isabella is the offspring of two other jaguar residents of Panther Ridge, Aztec, who passed away in 2016, and Tia, who passed away in 2013. It took the couple some time to get acclimated to each other, but that they did. On September 17th, 2009, we were thrilled to welcome baby Isabella into the world, though her birth was not without adventure.

We discovered her in the bed of hay that had been provided for her birth, but something was very wrong. We could see that she was breathing, but her fur was all disheveled – she had not been cleaned up by her mom – and in fact Tia was nowhere near her. We waited for Tia to go to her and try to nurse and care for her, but she kept her distance, and didn’t know what to do with her newborn.

After an all-day vigil, it was time to move in and try to save the baby jaguar before she died from dehydration. We distracted Tia and Judy crawled into the den area and scooped up the delicate little creature.

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