Charlie, and his brother Matt, are part of a litter of seven cheetahs that were born in 2005 in a special facility in South Africa. Third-generation cats bred in captivity are acceptable to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to be imported as “ambassador cats”. Charlie is one such ambassador.

At Panther Ridge, Charlie lives in an enormous three-acre enclosure that was formerly a horse paddock and turnout area. He constantly delights visitors, who are assured close-up views and spectacular displays of his sleek body.

Visitors arriving at Panther Ridge will be greeted by Charlie first. He can be found at the outer boundaries of his enclosure, “checking out” the new arrivals. He will often greet them with an audible “chirp” as they arrive.

Most days, Charlie can be found lounging in the shade of a tree, or wandering among the shaded areas to secure the coolest spots. If you are lucky, you’ll get to hear his powerful purr.

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