Brandy was born in 2006, and  was living in the same facility as Audrey. There was no way we could take one and leave the other to a terrible fate. We were told that Brandy was purchased illegally as a small cub and mishandled by her unknowledgeable owners until she was totally out of control. She was taken to the place we got her from as a 2-year-old, and has not been interacted with since that time. We were led to believe that she was aggressive, which we couldn’t blame her for, but she has proven to be just the opposite.

Very cautious at first, she did not want to eat and spent most of her time hiding in her den box. By day three, she was out and had obviously checked out her new abode the previous night. She now spends a lot of time on level two of her three-level home, just watching the world go by.

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