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Duma is an African serval. Many people have never heard of the serval prior to a visit to Panther Ridge. Duma was abandoned and left at the back door of a pet shop when his owner moved. Fortunately for Duma, one of Judy’s friends rescued him and brought him to Panther Ridge.

Duma is the friendship ambassador for Panther Rudge. He is very friendly and enjoys the company of people. He is known for his “Duma-Do’s” which involves licking the hair of employees, and volunteers, into a new style, using all-natural ingredients … his saliva!

Duma’s friendship status goes beyond the human element. He is best friends with Phoebe, his caracal roommate. The two can often be seen lying in each other’s arms grooming each other. Duma’s purr and audible chirping indicate he is a happy serval. When sitting upright, Duma often resembles the image of cats that frequently appear in ancient hieroglyphics. When he stands, you can see why servals have the longest legs of any cat, relative to their size.

As the ambassador of friendship, Duma always makes visitors feel welcome at Panther Ridge.