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Clouded Leopards


Dru, Nuri, and Tula all arrived at Panther Ridge June of 2017 from the Nashville Zoo. Dru is the only male out of the trio and was born February 2012.

He can be found cuddling with one of his girlfriends or chuffing at his keepers waiting for some snacks. Unfortunately, Dru is allergic to almost everything found in south Florida- mold, plants, grass, etc.

The only way we can treat his severe allergies is by giving him an oral immunotherapy liquid every day. Thankfully he loves to train and we are able to give him his medication voluntarily during his training sessions!

He is always very curious and enjoys watching his neighbor, Cody the ocelot, as he walks around his enclosure. Dru, just like most of our clouded leopards, gets most active and playful when the sun starts to go down.



Suki is a beautiful clouded leopard, with an exceptionally fluffy tail, and a playful nature during the evening hours.

Suki spends most of her days sleeping in one of their igloos, resting up for the night time party – she rarely comes out for daytime guests, and we joke that she is at the day spa receiving a beauty treatment.

She has recently become enamored with a new toy – a red ball with a smaller ball inside of it. The ball has holes all around it to tease her to get the small ball out of it. Suki carries it around in her teeth like the spoils of a great hunt. She even takes it up to the treehouse where she tries to “kill” it again.


Nuri is the sweetest clouded leopard in the trio and was born March 2012. She lives with Dru and Tula but likes to be independent and do her own thing most days.

She warmed up to us quickly when they first arrived and is quite vocal, always chuffing at everyone who walks by. Nuri is very affectionate towards her keepers and can usually be found napping in her igloo.



Tula was born March 2012 and is the shyest of the trio. She took the longest to warm up to Panther Ridge staff but now that she trusts us, she has begun to come out of her shell and is quite the sweet girl.

Tula was the first-ever clouded leopard to successfully produce a cub through artificial insemination (AI) using frozen/thawed semen.


Lura is the first Clouded Leopard to ever be born at Panther Ridge on March 5th, 2018. She loves to go on walks with her keepers and run around her enclosure with Taj and Malee. Lura is incredibly loving and we are so grateful to have her in our family.



Taj came to us from another facility to be a companion for Lura after she was born. Taj is genetically unrelated to Lura and was born March 28th, 2018. Lura and Taj became quite the dynamic duo growing up! Taj is a very sweet boy and can always be found chuffing and chirping for his keeper staff to come give him attention.


Malee is the second Clouded Leopard to ever be born at Panther Ridge on May 30th, 2018. At a couple of months old, she was introduced to Lura and Taj to form a trio- that way Malee could learn how to be a Clouded Leopard from them and live with them as they all got older. She is exceptionally sweet and playful!