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A “leftover” from a breeder who was unable to sell her when she was a cute kitten. Of course, the older the animal, the more difficult they are to sell, so after a period of time, the dealer in Miami sent Phoebe to Panther Ridge.

After a slow introduction process, Duma (the serval) and Phoebe now live together and are often seen cuddling together. In the wild, although their territories would overlap, they would normally be enemies and would compete for food. But at Panther Ridge, they get along beautifully. For two cats who were “unwanted,” it’s especially heart-warming to see how they so enjoy life and each other.

Phoebe is quite an athlete: a great jumper who is capable of knocking birds out of flight with a tremendous leap. That is why her habitat was designed with multiple levels and a lot of verticalities.