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Adopt Drupata

Adopt Drupata the Clouded Leopard

Dru arrived at Panther Ridge June of 2017 from the Nashville Zoo. Dru is the only male out of the trio and was born February 2012. He can be found cuddling with one of his girlfriends or chuffing at his keepers waiting for some snacks. Unfortunately, Dru is allergic to almost everything found in south Florida- mold, plants, grass, etc. He is always very curious and enjoys watching his neighbor, Cody the ocelot, as he walks around his enclosure. Dru, just like most of our clouded leopards, gets most active and playful when the sun starts to go down.

NOTE: This is a virtual adoption. No animals are being exchanged in any way. Virtual adoption is your way to show you care about the well-being and continued care of our cats.

The Adoption Kit Includes:

  • An 8 by 10 color photograph of your adopted animal
  • An adoption certificate with your name and the name of your adopted animal.
  • A biography of your adopted animal, including species information.
  • A letter from Judy Berens, founder of Panther Ridge Conservation Center.
  • A Panther Ridge magnetic bookmark.
  • A Panther Ridge vinyl decal. (Vinyl decal is in white, and design varies)
  • A Panther Ridge “Cougar Eyes” postcard.

    Adoption Fee: $50

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Name for Adoption Certificate