1970377_280974618735561_1381583035_nPanther Ridge as a Tourist Attraction

Tourists from around the world have visited the beautiful grounds, and animals, at Panther Ridge Conservation Center in Palm Beach County, Florida. 

Housing species such as cheetah, jaguar, leopard, clouded leopard, panther, ocelot, serval and caracal, guests are hard pressed to pick a favorite cat.

Panther Ridge Conservation Center is a hidden gem of Palm Beach County Florida. Wildlife tourist attractions can be found throughout the state,but Panther Ridge stands out above the rest. It offers visitors the rare opportunity to get up-close and personal to some of the world’s most beautiful endangered species of cats. This intimate environment allows a direct one-on-one tourist experience.

We are delighted with our 5-out-of-5 bullet rating on tripadvisor.com from visitors to the West Palm Beach area. But Panther Ridge is not a mainstream tourist attraction or a zoo. We are a conservation center specializing in the care and needs of endangered and threatens species of cat. Animals arrive at Panther Ridge for a variety of reasons. Once here, they serve a very important role as ambassadors for their species. Throughout your own personal visit, you will become familiar with each individual animal’s story as well as the current status of their species in the wild.

Our director has made education the primary focus of Panther Ridge.  It is our hope that our guests will take that information home, and share it with others. While all tours are intimate, the Director’s Tour is a unique treat. Visitors delight as they witness the unique bond created between these animals and our director. This is just one of  the reasons Panther Ridge is ranked among the top tourist attractions in the area by TripAdvisor.com.

We look forward to seeing you on your visit to Panther Ridge. The cats are looking forward to it too.


Reviews from TripAdvisor 

This may have been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and to see the time and love invested in the care of these once formerly mistreated animals is inspirational.

In a world where so few care about preserving and protecting our planet it’s nice to know there are still little puddles of sunshine and hope. Panther Ridge Conservation Center is one such puddle, a private sanctuary dedicated to big cats.

This was the most close up and informative tour I or anyone in my group of 3 has ever been on. i highly recommend this to all no matter what age.

Our tour was scheduled around the morning feeding and treats so we got to see the big cats as they anticipated and then enjoyed their morning feedings. We particularly enjoyed Judy’s interaction with Charlie and Bella.