Tours of Panther Ridge are unlike those of any other facility. You will be personally guided from one exhibit to the next, amid beautifully landscaped enclosures. You will learn about each of our fabulous feline residents. By the end of the tour, you will have not only expanded your knowledge of our various species and the conservation efforts that are trying to save them, but will likely leave with the life stories of your new feline friends imprinted on your heart.

Panther Ridge is not open to the public. Tours are available by appointment only.


Pricing for the tours is as follows:

Standard Tour :

This tour is given by our knowledgeable staff and interns. (Minimum of 4 people for this tour. Minimum charge $100.00)

  • Adults : $25
  • Kids (12 and under) : $15

Directors Tour :

This tour is given by the center director, Judy Berens. Judy provides an in-depth view into the lives of the cats and their current status at the center, all while interacting with them. (Minimum of 2 people for this tour. )

  • Adults : $100
  • Kids (12 and under) : $25


Additional Tour Information

All tours are walking tours. Guest will be required to walk along stepping stones and over some slightly uneven terrain. Nothing about the walk is strenuous. All visitors are required to stay at a pre-determined safe distance. At no time will guests interact with any of the cats physically.

Each tour last approximately 2 hours. (The standard tour is approximately 1 hour).

We accept cash, check, and credit card.

Please call 561-795-8914, or use the Contact Form, to book a tour.
Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance so we can properly plan your tour experience.