Meeka is a puma cub that was born on July 1, 2016, at a zoo in Texas. She came to Panther Ridge Conservation Center to fill the very large paws of our beloved Florida panther, Audrey, who passed away at the beginning of this year at the age of 22.  Meeka delights us every day with her acrobatic antics and playful behavior. She tries to  climb every tree and bush, destroying any small plants in her way. Her very favorite spot is up high in a tree house, where she can nap and have a bird’s eye view of many of the other cats at the center.

She will be a part of our family forever. Meeka’s beautiful spots and clear blue eyes will evolve over time to become the sleek beige coat and pale green eyes of an adult puma. Her spots were quite dark as a very young  cub –  perfect camouflage for hiding in rock outcroppings or dense brush while her mother would be hunting. Young pumas stay with their mothers for at least 18 months, learning all of the skills that  they will need to survive. Pumas are also known as cougars, mountain lions, and Florida panthers.