Mateo is a young jaguar cub who was born on June 7, 2016, at a zoo in Phoenix, Arizona. He made the voyage to Panther Ridge Conservation Center in September and will be a part of our family forever. Even as a small cub, he is built like a tank. He has a wide stance, a full body and short, muscular legs – the perfect miniature of a powerful adult jaguar. As an adult, he will have the strongest bite in the cat family, pound for pound, and the best swimming ability of any cat. Cubs stay with their mother up to 2 years, and a litter size is most commonly 2 cubs. Mateo has already been introduced to our

Mateo has already been introduced to our 7-year-old jaguar, Isabella — sort of a trial date for 5 minutes. With a strong fence between them, they could only touch noses and toes, but sessions like these set the stage for longer interactions. The goal is that as he grows, they will become perfectly accepting of each other – thus producing a very well-adjusted pair of jaguars. So far, so good! Mateo is not genetically related to Isabella, which makes the prospect of potential breeding all the more exciting. Every endangered jaguar is a precious treasure.