Panther Ridge combines feline husbandry with conservation awareness to educate the public on wild felines.

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Panther Ridge has many residents along a wide spectrum of species. Learn more about our feline residents.

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There’s always something going on. Keep up to date on Panther Ridge news and what your favorite felines are up to.

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Welcome to Panther Ridge

Part habitat, part haven, part labor of feline love, the Panther Ridge Conservation Center is above all else a home for some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered big cats. Nestled among the horse farms and estates of Wellington, Florida, near Palm Beach, Panther Ridge is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution dedicated to providing a lifelong home and superior care for exotic felines that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Panther Ridge also provides hope — in the form of public education concerning the challenges these animals

face in the wild, the problems related to private ownership, and the programs around the world that are trying to help reestablish their populations. We collaborate with, and help raise money for, other organizations around the world that run cooperative captive breeding programs, in situ conservation projects, and reintroduction programs that are the foundation upon which the repopulation of endangered feline species will be based.

Timeline Photos Clouded leopards have some of the largest teeth in the feline family. Mingtoo' s canines are almost 2 inches long!
Enrichment can be challenging sometimes but don't worry, Lexi got his treat out eventually!
Timeline Photos Sun's out, tongues out!
Timeline Photos Our only caracal, Phoebe, tends to always steal our towels when we're trying to clean. But who could get mad at that cute face?
Timeline Photos Mateo having fun fishing! Jaguars are excellent swimmers and actually have webbed toes. They are even known to hunt caiman in the wild.
Timeline Photos Sometimes Charlie thinks he's being sneaky, but his loud purring always gives him away!
A quick glimpse of Meeka chirping for her keepers
Timeline Photos Our cats get plenty of enrichment here, such as balls, boxes, logs, scents, and more. Some of Brandys favorite things to do are play soccer and shred coconuts!
Timeline Photos Meeka isn't a fan of the rain so we're keeping her nice and dry today! 🌧
Happy caturday everyone! Here some cuteness to start your day; Meeka chasing butterflies 😍
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