Panther Ridge combines feline husbandry with conservation awareness to educate the public on wild felines.

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Panther Ridge has many residents along a wide spectrum of species. Learn more about our feline residents.

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There’s always something going on. Keep up to date on Panther Ridge news and what your favorite felines are up to.

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We'd love to have you here for a tour...we are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY...so please call us.

Welcome to Panther Ridge

Part habitat, part haven, part labor of feline love, the Panther Ridge Conservation Center is above all else a home for some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered big cats. Nestled among the horse farms and estates of Wellington, Florida, near Palm Beach, Panther Ridge is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution dedicated to providing a lifelong home and superior care for exotic felines that have been abandoned, abused or neglected. Panther Ridge also provides hope — in the form of public education concerning the challenges these animals

face in the wild, the problems related to private ownership, and the programs around the world that are trying to help reestablish their populations. We collaborate with, and help raise money for, other organizations around the world that run cooperative captive breeding programs, in situ conservation projects, and reintroduction programs that are the foundation upon which the repopulation of endangered feline species will be based.

Mingtoo can be a very chatty cat, especially if there is food involved. Clouded leopards actually cannot roar like the bigger cats, and cannot purr like the smaller cats. However, they can make a chuffing noise, much like a tiger!
Even Bella can't resist a cardboard box!
We'll rate that belly flop a 10/10
Timeline Photos So many sleeping cats! But these aren't just cat naps - most cat species actually sleep up to 20 hours a day. Talk about getting your beauty sleep!
Timeline Photos Did you know that relative to their size, servals have the longest legs in the entire cat family? They use their long, thin legs to reach into burrows and crevices in search of prey!
Timeline Photos Tuesday morning cuteness is all around us at Panther Ridge today! What does your Tuesday morning cat cuteness look like!!?
Timeline Photos Good morning from Amos. Hope everyone has a great start to their week today!
Timeline Photos "Did you bring a treat for me?"
Who could say no to that adorable face?!
Timeline Photos Mingtoo wishes everyone a happy caturday!

This endangered species is uniquely the best climber out of all the cats- and can even hang upsidedown on tree branches! They represent the smallest of the big cats and despite its name (clouded ...
Timeline Photos Our inquisitive little girl, Meeka, is patiently waiting for her ride in the director's golf cart.

Call 561-795-8914 to book a tour in order to see this cutie!
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